Leading Toy Story Inspired Halloween Costume Tips for Men and Women

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 led the film and home video charts last year, and for good reason – this popular film brought together all of franchise’s beloved cast members in a heart-warming and inspiring sequel that has been a runaway hit, out-grossing pretty much every other movie released in the past year.

As Halloween comes around, you’re likely to see kids and adults alike running around dressed as Buzz, Jessie, and Woody – why don’t you stick out a bit, and complete your Toy Story crew by considering a few of these lesser-used but wonderful Toy Story costumes?

Hamm– The unforgettable pink piggy bank is really an outstanding costume for young boys and girls. This particular Halloween costume is comprised of Hamm overalls, filled out with comfortable foam, making for an easily-recognized and much loved costume that is lightweight and cozy for long-term wear.

Bo Peep– Girls and moms alike will get a lot of mileage by dressing up as this fantastically feminine shepherdess. The costume includes a fluffy dress, bonnet, in addition to a shepherd’s crook, Bo Peep is able to keep her lambs under control whilst drawing the eye in the entire room.

Rex– This carnivorous softy is undoubtedly a vital part of the Toy Story crew, and is an excellent costume choice for anyone. This Halloween costume consists of a shirt, gloves, a sturdy T-Rex tail, and a headpiece that leaves the face uncovered for safety. An excellent costume option for children and adults.

Mr. Potato Head – Another fun Toy Story costume, a Mr. Potato Head outfit is instantly recognized even by people unfamiliar with the film. This classic toy has been in around forever. There is a wide selection of certified Mr. Potato Head costumes out there, many of which come complete with easily-removed features.

Claw Machine Aliens– A viral hot, these little green guys had been meant as a throwaway joke by the folks at Pixar, nevertheless they’ve grabbed enough of a following to return for sequels. These three-eyed invaders and worshipers of “The Claw,” make a excellent choice for a costume.

Slinky Dog – Sadly, presently there aren’t a whole lot of commercial outfits to choose from depicting this wonderful Toy Story character. A quick Google search, however, will show you a number of innovative and impressive home-made Slinky Dog costumes that are well worth your consideration. Be assured – you’ll be the only one at this year’s Halloween party dressed as the cynical and delightful Slinky Dog.

This Halloween, don’t choose the same exact outfits as everyone else. Differentiate yourself from the crowd with one of these fantastic Toy Story Halloween costumes!

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