Toy Story Party – Organize a Party Kids Will Love

The Toy Story party is a great present for any child’s birthday. Woody and his friends have been in the hearts of kids for over 15 years now. The success of the latest 3D movie of the series has proven that there is nothing that children would love more than to live a true adventure with their toys.

You need a complete set of Toy Story party supplies as a start. You have to have dinner and cake plates, forks and spoons and napkins. It is best if all of these are decorated with the movie characters. You can readily complement the table set with a matching cloth and a centerpiece with your kid’s favorite character be it Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex or Mr. Potato Head. If you are on a budget, you can readily go with either decorative dinnerware or table decorations.

The Toy Story party decorations will make the atmosphere inviting and fun for everyone. Balloons and ribbons in cheerful colors are essential elements of the decoration that must be present. Theme-matching colors include red, yellow, green, blue and purple. A foil balloon with the pictures of the characters on both sides can be added to every table.

A Toy Story party will not be that much fun without toys. You can readily get simple ones that the guests can keep. These include yo-yos, spinning tops and kaleidoscopes with the characters. Puzzles and drum paddle ball sets are other great toy options for parties. You can have a twister mat with the faces of the characters as well.

In general, you have to come up with different games for the Toy Story party. You may want to have a quiz with questions about the movies and the characters. Freeze tag and follow the leader are great choices as well. You can organize treasure hunting using candy with the movie characters.

One way to make the Toy Story party more fun is to turn it into a costume party. The kids can choose to be their favorite character. Boys can readily pick from Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Girls can be Jessie or Bo Peep. Smaller kids would readily go for Rex and Hamm. A Mr. Potato Head costume may be an excellent choice for dad while mom can be Mrs. Potato Head.

Once you have all the Toy Story party supplies, decorations and games ready, you only have to pick the food. Light snacks and healthy fruit drinks are the best choices. The cake should be decorated with characters from the movie. You can readily add a plastic cake topper with your child’s favorite character.

Take advantage of a complete set of Toy Story Party Supplies including all the decorations and tableware that you need. Find the Mr Potato Head Costume  you have been looking for.

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